When it comes to credit cards, getting the wrong one that you rarely use could cost you money in the long run. Consider getting one of these top six types of credit card promotion in Malaysia based on your lifestyle and spending habit:

  1. Travel Perfect for frequent business and casual travellers alike travel credit cards offer amazing travel-related deals such as special travel perks and air miles. When you book your flights using such cards, you’ll receive benefits that include discounts on dining and hotel overseas, and free travel insurance.
  2. Petrol If you’ve always complained about the cost of petrol in Malaysia, petrol credit cards offer discounts from petrol stations that you frequent, reward points for each petrol fill, and cashback. Find out the available deals provided by the petrol stations of your choice (and which bank is offering the cards), and sign up for it.
  3. Low Interest For those who’d like to save more on paying interests or keeping a credit card during emergencies, low-interest credit cards can be really useful. For the best deals, look for low-interest credit cards with waived annual fees for life, cashback on every purchase, free insurance cover, extra Touch ‘n Go feature, and other related rewards and privileges.
  4. Rewards Rewards credit cards are perfect for shopaholics as they offer reward points based on the amount spent, which in turn allows you to cash them in exchange for a variety of shopping benefits and gifts. In addition to reward points, you’ll also receive frequent shopping discounts or coupons the more you spend.
  5. Cashback Don’t let the money you spend go to waste! Use cashback credit cards to convert all the money you’ve spent into rebates. Avoid a massive monthly bill by getting cards with special deals and uncapped cashback promotions.
  6. Zero Annual Fee Paying more than you have to is a complete waste of money. Use no charge credit cards offering privileges, cashback, and rewards discounts.

When getting the best credit card promotion in Malaysia for you, choose one based on your lifestyle, your spending habit, as well as your financial status. .

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