Related imageWith so many hair removal options on the market, it can be a challenge to choose the right option for you. This may depend on where the hair is situated, the time you want to dedicate for hair removal, your budget, and whether you need a permanent or temporary hair removal. For those looking for a permanent solution, laser hair removal is the best option for you. It’s safe, effective, and one of the most frequently practised procedures in Malaysia.

This article will illustrate how laser hair removal works, outline the side-effects patients may experience, and determine whether there’s any preparation needed before treatment. It will leave you well-informed if you decide to embark on a laser hair removal procedure.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

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Laser hair removal procedure works by sending concentrated light into hair follicles with a sharp laser. The laser is powerful, such that all the hair follicles get destroyed, preventing any growth of further hair. However, some skin areas may require multiple sessions to get rid of all unwanted hair. Also worth knowing, everyone’s results will vary depending on a patient’s skin tone and hair colour.


Because the laser searches for darkness, those people with anywhere between light-brown to black hair achieve best results. Therefore redheads, blondes and silver foxes don’t benefit much from laser treatment. Neither do dark-nor brown-skin patients benefit much from this treatment, either. Those with anywhere between light to olive skin experience extraordinary results all the time.


After the laser treatment, a cool gel is applied and directions are given in order to take optimum care of the area. It is sometimes necessary to book follow-up sessions with your doctor. Although this solution is permanent, it can take more than one procedure to get perfect results.


Potential Side-effects

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Most patients experience some side-effects upon laser hair removal treatment, although they’re not usually long-lasting. You may experience some skin irritation, redness, and swelling which often disappear within a few hours. Pigment changes may occur in some patients, and the laser might lighten or darken the skin area temporarily.

Many patients also experience pain from the treatment. This depends on the individual’s pain threshold, the sensitivity of the area, and the skill level of the practitioner. On the whole, however, the pain is very mild and can be tolerated by all. The doctor may give a topical anaesthetic before treatment in order to counter pain and make the experience more pleasant.

After treatment, the skin may appear sensitive to UV light from sunbeds. Patients should invest in a good sunscreen blocker after they have undergone the procedure.

The only real negative aspect of laser hair removal is the price. Make sure you are in a comfortable financial position before undergoing treatment, as it can be very expensive.


Is There Any Preparation needed?

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There is very little a patient needs to do before laser treatment. However, it’s strongly recommended that you wear clothes that allow for easy access to the area being treated. You should also shave the area being treated, a day before your appointment.

Those tired of shaving, tweezing, waxing, and using chemical means to get rid of unwanted hair have something else to consider. Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular of late in most parts of Malaysia, thanks to its lasting results.

This treatment isn’t only for permanent facial hair removal – you can also achieve baby-faced skin on the chest, back, shoulders, and feet too. For those with the financial means, this option is a fantastic way to get a permanent, smooth and fresh results.

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