It’s no secret that international schools don’t come cheap. While parents want to give their children the best, the price often makes one hesitate at least once. However, here are some of the reasons international boarding school just may be the right choice for your child.

  1. Tailored Teaching Environments Leed to Better Academic Achievement


Student-teacher ratios in international boarding schools are often much smaller when compared to regular public government schools. This ensures that teachers interact with each child more and get to understand the learning style and needs of each child. The high standards set by both school and teacher ensures that the child is driven academically to do their best. This explains why time-and-time again students in international schools tend to do better than their peers in public schools.


  1. Children Gain Confidence


Growing up and studying among peers from different cultures and countries allows children to adapt and learn early on to be socially comfortable with people. This gives them an awareness of themselves and also the presence of others. Such an environment helps children gain the confidence they need to tackle life situations and will prove invaluable when they leave school for university or begin applying for employment.


  1. Kick-Start Their Careers


When it comes time to apply for university and jobs, your children will be at an advantage over their peers who didn’t get the chance to attend international boarding schools. International boarding schools are renowned for their high standards, churning out well-rounded and distinguished pupils. This is why most universities and companies seek to attract such high caliber students and employees. For those who have studied in English even better, they will have an even bigger advantage in Malaysia as companies are keen to hire students with an excellent command of the language.



The obvious high cost of international boarding school in Malaysia can be a deterrent to most parents. However, if you focus on the long-term results of such an education, you’ll see that you do indeed get what you pay for – a world class, life-changing experience for your child.

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