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Clean water is a physiological necessity; considering that the human body is made up of around 60% water, this is no surprise at all. This is why, securing the safety and cleanliness of the water you consume is a major responsibility. But how do you ensure the purity of the water you and your family intake? This is where water filtration comes into the picture. In this post, we will give you information about one of the most common and effective water filtration systems today—Reverse Osmosis water filter.


How Does Reverse Osmosis Filter Water?

Reverse osmosis is not your typical water filtration system.  It is known to provide outstanding quality of water by using a semipermeable membrane to eliminate any impurities from the water.

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But how does this system work? This filtration system utilizes pressure to get things done. Imagine a tube with two sides. In the middle lies the semi-permeable membrane. On one side of the tube is where the solution or water will be pushed into. Through high pressure pump forcing through the membrane, the dissolved solutes will remain in the reject stream of the membrane. It collects all materials from the solvent that passes through it thus ensuring that you get only pure filtered water. This filtration system is guaranteed to remove 99% of substances like organic bacteria, salts, particles, and pyrogens since the membrane used reject pollutants based on their charge and size. Although, please bear in mind that the system should not be relied upon in removing 100% of bacteria and viruses.


The Filtration System that Spares You from Maintenance Woes

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Although most, if not all, filtration systems require maintenance from time to time, Reverse Osmosis is considered to be a low-maintenance solution. As a matter of fact, this system only needs to be serviced every two to three years to replace the semi-permeable membrane. Just ensure that you regularly follow the maintenance schedule according to your model’s manual and replace each type of filter included such as the sediment filter, carbon filter, the RO membrane, and polishing filter. If you happen to forget changing your filters, the system has a way of reminding you as it would produce less and less water, to no water at all, over time thus prompting you to get that needed maintenance as soon as possible.


Benefits of a RO Water Filter to Your Health

Apart from safety and purity of the water you drink, the RO filtration system will give you other benefits such as:

  1. Better tasting drinking water.
  2. Reduced chance of rectal, bladder, or colon cancer.
  3. Drinking filtered water supports overall better health.
  4. Filtered water can also be used for healthy cooking.
  5. Reduced risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

What you put inside your body will always have a toll on your overall health. Clean water can help you achieve excellent health. If you don’t want to take risks with your health, you should choose a reverse osmosis filter system as your go-to water filtration system and pave the way to a healthier you.

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