Related imageThe Seremban Lake Garden is the main jewel in the Seremban District of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. This celebrated landscaped garden has been around for decades and is actually one of the country’s oldest natural lake gardens. There is something enigmatic about this patch of land, so locals and tourists continue to be captivated by the garden even today.


Negeri Sembilan is home to several historical landmarks and museums that are frequented by visitors all year round. Along the route to the beautiful lake garden in Malaysia is the Cultural Handicraft Complex (Taman Seni Budaya) that showcases the traditional Minangkabau architecture. It is this complex where you will see an awesome display of handicrafts and ancient artefacts.

Driving down the hilly terrain south-east of the Seremban countryside, you’ll eventually arrive at the historic royal town of Sri Menanti. It is here where the iconic Sri Menanti Palace and Royal Museum stands proud. A visit to this amazing palace is a must.

The tranquil surroundings of the Seremban Lake can be seen from a marvellous vantage point at the State Mosque. The nine pillars of this modern mosque represent the nine districts of Negri Sembilan.

The nearby popular beach resort of Port Dickson is also worth a stop, located 33 kilometres from the Seremban Lake Garden address.


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After a full day of sightseeing, you will end up in the garden itself. It’s an extraordinary park with facilities which can be enjoyed by families, lonely walkers and even health buffs. Indeed, this spot is a runner’s haven with multiple jogging tracks around the garden.

But the real allure of this place is the stunning landscape and tranquil environment. If you’re searching for calm and serenity, this is where you’ll find them. There is no setting as perfect as this garden to find yourself and reflect on the beauty of life. To say that you’ve been to paradise is not an exaggeration.

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