How posh is your watch?


Experts like UK Etiquette coach William Hanson, say that your watch may reveal more about you than you think.


Your choice of a wristwatch can tell people a lot about you. To the observant and knowing eye, they can quickly tell a fake from an original. Your style and taste become apparent, and so does your character. Your choice of a watch will reveal as it were, what makes you tick. So how do you go about purchasing a luxury wristwatch like a connoisseur?







  1. Buy a Timeless Luxury Watch


It used to be that luxury watches were reserved for a select few and custom-made for the upper classes – not so today. Thanks to the overwhelming numbers of the nouveau riche, luxury watches are now being produced in greater numbers to grace the elegant wrists of the new comers.


Selecting a luxury watch is as personal as your taste and style. However, any self-respecting individual who truly appreciates the art of luxury watches cannot overlook the king of watches – Rolex.


Rolex is a Swiss brand that is in a class of its own. Founded in 1905, the iconic brand has built a name for itself as one of the most detailed, precise and bespoke watchmakers around. It is no wonder then that their most famous signature time piece the Rolex Submariner retails in the thousands of dollars.


If you’re looking for something other than a Rolex, another equally choice piece is the 1960 recreated version of the Grand Seiko. The Japanese high-end watch comes in a choice of a platinum case, 80-micron gold-filled case or stainless steel case. You can’t go wrong with these two luxury watch brands.







  1. Choose Quality over Quantity


A luxury timepiece is an investment for two reasons. One is that the watch itself will likely increase in value as the years go by. You’ll be able to sell it in a few years or a few decades as a vintage piece should you want to. Secondly, a luxury timepiece is made from valuable metals, leathers, and or precious stones which do not lose their value over time making them a good collector’s item.


Any person who truly values quality will not go out and buy ten mediocre watches made from plated alloys or (gasp) plastic. It is better to save your money to invest it in a quality timepiece – yes, even if it is just one classic luxury watch.







  1. Choose Type of Watch According to Your Lifestyle


There are five major watch classes to choose from. Each watch can be worn to suit the occasion and outfit.  A dress watch is most appropriately worn with a suit or tuxedo and should be tucked neatly under a dress shirt cuff. The band is always made of leather.


A field watch carries a military air and can be worn less formally than a dress watch. The band is made from leather or a canvas strap.


The dive watch has been immortalized by characters such as James Bond. It’s one of the most common types.  As its name suggests, it’s a water resistant make like the Rolex Oyster. The band is made of metal.


The fourth watch type is the aviator timepiece, a typical favorite of pilots (you don’t say). The band is usually of leather. This watch is suitable for casual wear but not formal events.


The racing watch was developed in the 1930s, and TAG Heuer is the favored racing watch maker. These watches are flashy and are ideal for casual wear. The band is either metal or leather.




When buying luxury watches in Malaysia don’t rush to make a purchase. Take your time, until you find the right one. Follow our suggestions above when you’re looking for your next luxurious piece.

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