Finding the ideal gym and gym membership is important. If you’re looking to work out at a gym regularly, these are the five essential things to do before you sign up for a gym membership:

  1. Identify your preferred gym locations For your convenience, you’d want to go to a gym near your office or your home. It might also be ideal if there’s not much heavy traffic on the way to the gym to save time. List down at least five gyms that are closest to your office or home and choose a day and time to visit each of the gyms and to tour the facility.
  2. Talk to the gym manager or anyone in charge Visit the gyms of your choice and talk to the gym manager or anyone in charge. Take a tour of the facility and find out what kind of services or amenities they offer to gym members. Create your own ‘gym must-have’ checklist to make it easier for you to decide which gym is the best one.
  3. Find out if there’s a complimentary gym trial Many gyms offer a complimentary gym trial, be it for a day or a week. Avoid signing any contract before you know you’ll have the complimentary trial period to access the gym and to test out the services and equipment. If the gym doesn’t offer such trial, look elsewhere for your own financial benefit.
  4. Try out a trainer During your complimentary gym trial, take this opportunity to try out a trainer, especially if you’ve never worked out on your own, to help you with your training and using the equipment. This will help you get an idea of what you’re capable of doing alone, and what are the things that will require proper training.
  5. Read the gym contract thoroughly and carefully Before signing the gym membership contract, make sure you’re well aware of everything stated in the contract to avoid being penalised for something. Ask questions if you’re unsure of something.


Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for the . Make sure you know all the benefits of your preferred gym before you sign up for membership.

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